Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Rush

If there’s one thing I’ve picked up from this sort of one-week-away-from-it-all vacation, it’s that you’ll never really have enough time to do the things you want, regardless of how much contemplation and deliberation you’ve put into it.

And no matter how badly you want it.

A week before my much-anticipated one-week vacation leave from work, I was just so psyched! Why, I had everything planned, from start to finish. And it wasn’t easy! There was just a f*ckload of things to do, and I tried my best to keep tabs on them. And this is why it went all f*cked up in the end: I just got way too overboard!

Now, I’m experiencing post-vacation trauma (goodness knows if there really is such a thing). What kills me the most is knowing that I haven’t done so much as sorted out my to-do list and kept a zero accomplishment count. Not to mention that tallying your achievements for the day is sooo depressing.

So for the benefit of the tard who’d be reading this now, this is the list I conjured up before plunging into the nothingness that is my one-week vacation:

1. Gather all requirements for Graduate School. And when I say gather, it means GATHER in all the effin sense of the word. Good: all the requirements were listed down. All that’s left for you to do is to, well, have it printed and check check check away. Bad: it was too much work! One day is simply not enough to complete them! There was a two-page essay, much like a personal selling thing about how you see yourself years from now, how you can contribute to society and a fuckload of crap; some 300-peso-worth documents from my old school; other documents I needed to get from my previous employer; and a lot more.

2. Get some work done. Being the Little Miss Responsible Employee that I am, sure, I took home some paperworks. And I intended to really get them done this time, I do. Really. Sucks coz I always sound like I’m trying to convince myself.

3. Hang out with my boyfriend. OK, this is serious. Our idea of a date had gone from the sweet, classy wastefulness of fine-dining galore to the unceremonial tuhog-tuhog savagery in the rundown eateries along the streets. Yes, these days, all we ever did was share a measly merienda and endure the excruciating one-hour bus ride home.

4. DVD marathon. You might be wondering while something as instinctive as watching DVD should be in the list. Oh well, if you know me enough, you’d even think I needed to list down “cut fingernails” or “make coffee for breakfast”.

5. Finish a book. Now I bought this book almost two weeks ago and I really am starting to be hysterical because I haven’t gotten around to finishing it.

6. Get that vector art done for goodness sake!

7. Fill up my blog. And hell yeah, I’m just about to that, thank you very much.

So I filled my to-do list to the brim and a few moments before the end of my so-called one-week vacation, I realized I still haven’t accomplished fuckloads! Now how could I cram them into an hour?

As I was preparing for work, I told myself, heck, maybe I should take it easy next time. Maybe next time around, I should be savoring every minute of that hard-earned vacation. Yeah, maybe next time.

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